Established as Shirley’s in August 1983.

Our tavern has been a bar for over 101 years! Beginning in 1983, this location became known as Shirley’s Tavern–owned and operated by our beloved Momma Shirley Almandinger. Before that it was Frosty’s for about 40 years and dating before 1916, this location was the Budweise Bar–complete with dirt floors.

Located along historic Route 66 in the mining town of Carterville, visitors from around the world have enjoyed cold beer here for generations!

Purchased in May 2017 by Ashley Wise & Mike Spicer, we have worked hard to bring back the fun and inviting atmosphere where everyone feels like family that Shirley’s was famous for under the ownership of Momma Shirley!

We are also the home of the coldest beer you’ve ever put in your mouth hole–literally! Our beer stays monitored at 31 degrees–come and experience your new home away from home!

About us

Meet mike & Ash (the owners)

Mike began playing pool here at Shirley’s in August 1983–when he was just 14 years old! Ever since then, Shirley’s has been his second home–and he’s referred to the pool table as “his table” because he typically wins! (Or at least he likes to think he does! Come play him and knock his ego down a notch or two, eh!?)

Mike had a dream of one day owning this tiny tavern, and that dream came true in May 2017! He and Ashley have worked hard to clean everything up and make this bar fun again!

He cannot wait to meet you! (And Ash cannot wait for you to beat him at pool!)

As far as Ash goes, she’s a Missouri transplant from Corpus Christi, Texas. She and Mike met here at Shirley’s on Cinco de Mayo 2016. Ask them to tell you the story–it’s a fun one!


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  • Sunday-Monday¬†CLOSED
  • Tuesday/Thursday Noon-11pm
  • Wednesday/Friday/Saturday Noon- 1:30am

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